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Welcome to the world of e-Prescribing, brought to you via H2H and Digital Rx™! As a physician, you will be able to view the eligibility of your patients, their medication history, receive notification of potentially negative drug/drug, drug/food, and allergic reactions to medications, view the specific formulary that applies for each of your patients and once satisfied with your prescription choice, you will be able to electronically send the prescription to your patient's preferred pharmacy for patient pick-up with the touch of a key.

H2H Digital Rx™ is a comprehensive Internet based platform that will assist you and your staff in managing the prescription needs of your patients, improving patient safety, and reducing the number of calls your office needs to take from pharmacies when questions arise regarding prescription orders that are not covered by the patient's employer.

H2H Digital Rx™ has been designed and tested with medical professionals like yourself, and suggestions from you as to how the system can be improved are always welcomed. H2H Digital Rx™ is an evolutionary platform that will grow in importance to your practice with ever increasing levels of functionality in the future.

Thank you for choosing H2H Digital Rx™ for your practice.
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